Fall Musical 2018: Legally Blonde

Based on the novel and the hit-movie of the same name, Legally Blonde: the Musical chronicles the journey of the famously perky Elle Woods, a fashion savvy, UCLA sorority girl who finds her life turned upside down when she is dumped by her boyfriend Warren. In an effort to prove to Warner that she is more than just some blonde sorority girl, she follows him to Harvard Law, where she struggles to fit in and do well. Ultimately, she defies expectations and manages to stay true to her delightfully pink personality.

The T.F. South Rebel Players’ Fall Musical for 2018, Legally Blonde, was directed by Ann Wolpert. The show ran December 6th through 9th, 2018, in Henry L. Hertz Auditorium.



Elle Woods – Natalie Dominiak

Margot – Shae Jandura

Serena – Gina Flores

Pilar – Dinah Landrum

Emmett Forrest – Jeremiah Kimbrew

Paulette – Jadyn Newman

Callahan – Alex Gonzalez

Warner – Brian Valentine

Vivienne – Kayla Williams

Brooke – Payton Stachelski

Enid – Stefanie Marin

Aaron – Roger Carter

Sandip – James Wengren

Kyle – Mason Fowler

Kate/Delta Nu – Leah Murtaugh

Cashier/Delta Nu – Jasmine Moore

Delta Nu/Featured Dancers – Amijah Williams, Jamea Perry, India Wilson, Kayla Wright, Taryn Wilson, Martisha James, Ranisha Morris, Yazmin Montiel

Pfortzheimer/Elle’s Dad – Griffin Polley

Winthrop/Featured Dancer – Sean Schuljak

Judge/Featured Dancer – Brandon Jones

Jet Blue Pilot/Featured Dancer – Navonte

Grandmaster Chad/Featured Dancer – Javada Smith

Prison Guard/Featured Dancer – Adam Jones

Guard – Travis Vinson

Carlos/ Featured Dancer – Kelson Sumners

Nikkos/Featured Dancer – Anthony Kestner

Courtney – Maya Compton

Store Manager – De’Aira Hunter

Whitney/Elle’s Mom – Lucy LaMar

Bookish Client/Ensemble – Isis Yadron

Featured Dancer/Ensemble – Joshua Maxey

Featured Dancer/Ensemble – Sean Morrison

Featured Dancer/Ensemble – Jalen Burgess

Ensemble – Kimberly Reyes, Jorja Wood, Kamron Washington, Kayla Harris, Joy Lewis, Saniah Johnson, Christon Golston, Jasmine Medina, Chioma Ezechukwu



Click Here for a Legally Blonde Character Breakdown

Name Gender Part Size Vocal Part
Elle Woods Male Lead Mezzo-Soprano
Emmett Forrest Male Lead Tenor
Warner Huntington III Male Lead Tenor
Callahan Male Supporting Baritone
Paulette Buonufonte Female Supporting Mezzo-Soprano
Brooke Wyndham Female Supporting Mezzo-Soprano
Kyle Male Supporting
Vivienne Kensington Male Supporting Soprano
Margot Female Featured Soprano
Kate Male Featured Alto
Enid Hoopes Female Featured Mezzo-Soprano
Grand Master Chad Male Featured
Aaron Schultz Male Featured Tenor
Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan Male Featured Tenor
Dewey Male Featured
Nikos Argitakos Male Featured
Pilar Female Featured Soprano
Serena Female Featured Soprano
Mr. Woods Male Ensemble Baritone
Mrs. Woods Female Ensemble Alto
Carlos Male Ensemble Tenor
Harvard Law Admissions Officers Male Ensemble
Lelani Female Ensemble Alto
Whitney Female Ensemble
Chutney Wyndham Female Ensemble
Judge Either Ensemble



  • Act I:
    • “Omigod You Guys” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar and Ensemble
    • “Serious” – Elle and Warner
    • “Daughter of Delta Nu” – Serena, Margot, Pilar and Ensemble
    • “What You Want (Part 1)” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Kate, Elle’s Dad, Elle’s Mom, Grandmaster Chad, and Ensemble
    • “What You Want (Part 2)” – Elle, Ensemble
    • “The Harvard Variations” – Emmett, Aaron, Enid, Padamadan, and Harvard Students
    • “Blood in the Water” – Callahan and Ensemble
    • “Positive” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, and Greek Chorus
    • “Ireland” – Paulette
    • “Ireland – Reprise” – Paulette
    • “Serious – Reprise” – Elle and Warner
    • “Chip on My Shoulder” – Elle, Emmett, Greek Chorus, and Company
    • “So Much Better” – Elle, Greek Chorus, and Company
  • Act II:
    • “Whipped Into Shape” – Brooke, Callahan, and Company
    • “Delta Nu Nu Nu” – Brooke and Elle
    • “Take It Like A Man” – Elle, Emmett, and Salespeople
    • “Bend and Snap” – Elle, Paulette, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Bend and Snap Guys, and Salon Folks
    • “Gay or European?” – Elle, Callahan, Emmett, Brooke, Vivian, Warner, Enid, Judge, Nikos, Carlos, and Company
    • “Legally Blonde” – Elle and Emmett
    • “Legally Blonde – Remix” – Vivienne, Elle, Enid, Brooke, Mr. Woods, Mrs. Woods, and Company
    • “Scene of the Crime” – Elle, Judge, Serena, Margot, Pilar, and Company
    • “Find My Way/Finale” – Elle, Paulette, Emmett, and Company